What is Tik Tok and how to use it. Tik Tok App Review

When you watch a video on Youtube, you may have seen an advertisement for the musical.ly app that has long been changed to Tik Tok. It has become quite popular because this app has been downloaded by 100 millions people so far. And its popularity may increase even further in the coming times. So it becomes imperative for you to go about the musical.ly app or Tik Tok App.

So in this post of today we are going to tell you about the musical.ly app and Tik Tok app that’s the and how it runs. After completing this post, there will not be anything in the musical.ly app that you will not know. So let’s musically review the app.

What is the Tik Tok app

Tik Tok App
Tik tok app review

This is a short video making app, with the help of which you can make a 15 second video. The special thing is that you can make this 15 second video unique because you have been given a lot of features that help make your video look great and unique. In it you can also edit the video after recording it together and can make your fan by uploading it inside the musical.ly app. And if you can share and share social media facebook, whatsapp, twitter, etc. evenly. It is very easy to save the video of the musical.ly app in your phone’s gallery too.

After making many videos of 15 second on the Musical.ly app, you can create a complete video by adding all those videos. In it you get lots of songs inside it, just select one of the songs and you can create your own video using your mobile’s rear or front camera and upload it within a musical community.

How To Account On Musical App or Tik Tok

Now it is a matter of how to make an account on the musical.ly app, it is very easy to make friends account on this. First of all you install it from google play store and after that you open it as soon as you open it, you are given two options to create an account in it.

In the first option, you can simply create your account by entering your mobile number and you can login to your facebook, instagram and gmail account and create a new account which you like best you can choose it on the musical.ly app Can create your account.

How do musical app and Tik Tok app run

Tik Tok and The Musical.ly app is very easy to operate, its interface has been quite simple and easy. Its interface very much resembles instagram. If you have already used instagrm then you will not have any probleam to use it. Musical.ly app is given some options to use which let you find at the bottom of this app let’s tell you somehow musical Run the ly app.


After clicking on the Home icon, you get two more options, following and for me, when you click on the following, you can see the video of the people you follow and click on for me He is visible.


After clicking on this Icon, you can search for any human needs here and it gets to see you tranding tag and categories.

Tik tok app review
Tik Tok app review

Plus icon

After clicking on Plus Icon, your 15 second can be recorded. Secondly can be uploaded with music.ly and tik tok in the app.

Notification icon

After Plus Icon, you see another icon that is notification Icon. Which is uploaded to your video when someone does and like Comments then you get notifications here.

Profile icon

In most last you have been given the Icon’s profile to clicking on which you can see the information of your profile. And can set your profile to your profile. Only how many people do you follow and how many people do the follow here Can see from here.

How to make video in Tik Tok app

Now you will have known that the music is. And what it is going to do it now, how often music videos are very easy to make videos done on music. You are also very easy. Just before you follow the step to the stEP.

1. First of all you need to click on a new screen. After you can make video of 15 second. If you want to create a video video, select Music only by clicking on Music Icon.

3. Video Records If you want to put a filter, then you can also remove it.

4. In the video you can give it to any of the effable here.

5. Now you can be able to recording the red button from the screen, you can now rectify the red button by tap the tether you can get to recording.

So friends can make you video from the music. You can do video from the app. You have a great fun app. If you have bored by Facebook and WhatsApp, then this app can be a good option for you. This is a particular thing of this app that you can also make it duet video. IMPORT You can create videos that you can find that video with the other person’s video you can find that video with you. Want to create a one’s option. Click on the starting START DUET Now ‘, you can now understand how you musical. How do the app and how it goes.

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